Keep pests away

Living in an apartment has its perks. Additionally, it has its creepy-crawlies. This guide is for flat dwellers who need to keep their spaces safe.

Your flat is a magnet for common household pests.

Bugs can get into your home through cracks in concrete flooring, air vents, or perhaps through the gaps in your front door.

If the thought of insects squirming into your home makes your skin crawl, then this guide is for you!

1. Call the Professionals

Prior to going breaking out the heavy poisons yourself or setting out traps, you may want to take into account whether your pest problem warrants calling professional pest control services.

Using poisonous chemicals you’re unfamiliar with can result in illness or even death. For the inexperienced bug-killer, you might even spend money on expensive extermination methods only to find that it did not kill everything and have to call Pest Control anyway.

How much of a priority is it that your apartment is cleared of pests quickly and permanently?

If need the most effective and permanent way to kill pests in your apartment, consider calling in the professionals!


The best way to control your pest problem is to keep it from occurring in the first place!

Pay particular attention to your own kitchen and any area where moisture builds up. Pests get into your home for water and food, so once you leave dirty dishes in your sink or spills on your countertop, you’re practically inviting bugs to get a feast.

Clean regularly and the fleas will not have any reason to invade!

3. Spice Things Up!

Tobasco Sauce

Most bugs can not stand the taste or smell of hot foods such as Tobasco sauce.

If your solution is too strong, you may be dealing with the smell of hot sauce yourself until you clean it up!


It might not be the best option for a first date, but if you want to keep the pests away, most bugs can’t stand garlic.

Leave a few tsp under the sink in your kitchen or anywhere pests are most likely to be discovered, and it’s guaranteed to keep them off.

And bonus: it will address your vampire problems too!

Peppermint Oil

If it’s mice you are trying to rid from your place, then you’re in luck concerning a fresh-smelling apartment.

Rodents can not stand the minty odor of peppermint oil and will turn tail and run when they encounter it.

Mix about 1/4 cup of water with 40 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle and apply liberally beneath sinks, in kitchen cabinets, and along baseboards in your home.


If you’re dealing with a pest infestation in your apartment or you are just trying to prevent it from happening, keep your apartment clean, use natural household remedies, and don’t be afraid to call in the professionals! Like¬†Chattanooga Wildlife Removal

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